Interface MatDecomposition

All Known Implementing Classes:
LUDecomposition, SingularValueDecomposition

public interface MatDecomposition

represents a decomposition of a matrix so that it can be used to solve linear equations. Thus to solve AX = B, where A is a Mat and B is a Vec of the same size, and X is the unknown Vec, use MatDecomposition decomp = new ConcreteMatDecomposition(A); where ConcreteMatDecomposition implements MatDecomposition. For most algorithms, the constructor will destroy the original Mat and use it to store the decomposition. See Numerical Recipes, chapter 2 To actually solve the equation, use decomp.solve(B). See solve(Vec). This will replace B by the solution X (B is destroyed). To get the inverse of the original matrix, use inverse() this returns a new Mat that is the inverse of the original A;

Daniel Wachsstock

Method Summary
 Mat inverse()
 Vec solve(Vec B)

Method Detail


Vec solve(Vec B)


Mat inverse()